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Hello everyone, so nice to ‘meet’ you (or see you again, for those familiar faces)!

I just recently moved to Ottawa/Gatineau after four years in the UK, which has been a bit of a weird reverse-adjustment back to Canadian life (I didn’t realize what we sounded like to the rest of the world until I turned on CBC and it was an interview about how to make homemade zambonis for your pond). This is my 5/6th course in the program (also in 544).  I really enjoyed the sense of community I’ve found in my other MET classes so hopefully this will be similar! 

Quick career background: I was an Engineering Officer in the Navy (my undergrad was civil engineering), followed by a Public Affairs Officer, then a doula and childbirth educator before moving oversees for my husband’s job. Even though my career has been quite varied, my interests lie in teaching adults, so I joined the MET program with the aim of pursuing work in instructional design.  I have chosen this course because I love opportunities to use a little creativity, and this seemed like a good place to start!

As for me: I’m into all things outdoors, walking my dog, swimming, reading just about anything and hanging out with my 3 kids (although I’m not such a big fan of haphazardly homeschooling them with no notice, but what can you do!)

(Chester the dog)

I look forward to working with you,


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  1. alexis reeves

    Hi Hayley I loved that there was an actual video about making homemade zambonis! Look forward to working with you and your varied experiences should help add interesting layers and perspectives to this course!

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  2. Nathan Bishop

    Hi Hayley,

    I can definitely understand the the need for a video about homemade zambonis; I have been watching those videos! I am trying to build a backyard rink right now and the zamboni is a crucial component to this! I know what you mean though about realizing what we sound like to the rest of the world. My wife and I lived in New Zealand for a year about 10 years ago; we had some friends visit after about 9 months and we thought they were joking with the way they were talking. We detected some kind of weird accent in them, and of course, they detected an accent in us.

    I am looking forward to working with you throughout this course!

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  3. Ally Darling-Beaudoin

    Hayley – this is the first time I’ve seen someone in the MET in the Ottawa/Gatineau region – so nice to meet you! I live on the Gatineau side and work on the Ottawa side, so I (begrudgingly?!) straddle both provinces pandemic measures – what can you do! Like you, I am also interested in adult education, AND, like you, I also don’t have a broad background in teaching! A world of coincidences 🙂

    Your career trajectory is so interesting, I work a lot with engineers in my day to day so it’s neat to see that background pop up. I look forward to learning with you!


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    1. Hayley Mooney

      Hi Ally, I haven’t seen anyone from Ottawa (much less Gatineau) either in this program. The juggling of pandemic measures between provinces has definitely kept me on my toes- I often forget which rules I should be paying attention to (especially after living in the free-for-all that was the UK). That is a lot of coincidences though- it’s nice to meet you as well!

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