Markets and Markets: Overview of New Tech in the Marketplace

Do you need a quick overview of a new technology, how it is being used, or why it is growing in popularity?  Markets and Markets is a good place to start.  Although the extensive reports are far too expensive for any individual to purchase, if you search education, or any technology that interests you, the summary page will offer up-to-date information, with headings like “Attractive Opportunities in …” and “Market Dynamics”, and includes short descriptions with information on what is driving popularity, how a technology is effected by COVID-19 and more.

Two reports that caught my eye were on Volumetric Videos:

And gamification:

Although it would be nice to access the full reports (which can be upwards of 1000+ pages!), the initial descriptions alone make this site worthwhile for researching what is new and upcoming in Educational Technology, if only to give the viewer some preliminary ideas on topics to research more deeply.  There is also an option to receive a “free sample report”, but you need to provide your email, and it isn’t entirely clear how much information will be in the brochure.

Other topics covered in short search of the site:

  • Educational robots
  • Data security in Higher Education
  • Digital Education Market
  • Education and Learning Analytics
  • AR and VR in Education
  • IoT in Education
  • The list goes on….

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  1. hasssae1

    Hi Hayley,
    Thank you for this post; concise and rich.
    I am familiar with Markets & Markets and have witnessed how they have improved their market research work over the years. M&M has gone from generating heavy-text reports, to a hybrid approach of “Reports + Dashboards”. In other words, they have transformed their reporting to more real-time data with metrics and scorecards on KPIs. This improvement is quite visible in both of the articles that you have selected for this post (i.e. Gamification in Education, and Volumetric Videos). As you correctly mentioned, the reports would probably be expensive for an average user, however, larger corporations would certainly pay for marketing intelligence, trends analysis, and what the competitors are doing.

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