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“ReThink is an award-winning, innovative, nonintrusive, patented technology that effectively detects and stops online hate before the damage is done.” ReThink detects offensive digital comments and provides users with an opportunity to reconsider, and reword their responses. The product was pitched on Shark Tank (below) and more information can be found on their website (

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  1. SafaaAbuSaa

    I would not invest in this. Even though the concept is sound, I don’t see how we can get people (especially bullies, who need this more than any one else) to download or purchase such an app on their devices in the first place. Moreover, the effect the single question (are you sure you want to say this?) will have on people is enormously unguaranteed. My guess is that people will end up deleting the app and it will be obsolete soon.

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  2. emma pindera

    Hi Kendal, as an EVA, I must review the app ReThink fully. Firstly, regarding CEO Credibility Trisha Prabhu was made Forbes 30 under 30 list and clearly is a smart and innovative lady. However, Trisha does not convey a convincing enough experience. Trisha’s pitch includes only one scenario of her app ReThink at work, and the scenario is not targeted to the tailored audience.

    Secondly, the venture concept is not original or proactice enough to be feasible. One pop-up confirmation message is not enough to stop trolls and bullying. A confirmation message is likely not enough to stop people from saying hurtful things. Furthermore, Trisha did not give any facts or figures proving that a confirmation message would stop anyone.

    The marketability is there, it has the potential to reach many people. However, the app has no competitive edge over any other anti-bullying solutions. I would argue that it is not ready for market as is, it is a risky proposition, and I would not invest in this.

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  3. Jocelyn

    As an EVA I would not invest in this app, simply because it seems outdated in its approach and out of touch with its target audience. On the flip side, as a teacher and mom, I would greatly appreciate an app like this if there were more features. There is one condition which I would consider investing and that would be if the venture could get into the ministry or board. I could see it being used within the school system to prevent hurtful comments or as a tool for lessons. However, I cannot see it being widely used for individual use.

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  4. Katie M

    As and EVA I would not invest in this venture. The demonstration that was given make sit seem overly simplistic and assumes that with a couple of extra seconds a child will be able to self-regulate enough to make a better decision. There are a myriad of parental control apps and social emotional learning programs, like Second Step, that also work to address the underlying causes and practical concerns related to this issue more effectively. There is also the consideration of who might buy this app. It would come down to parents or schools purchasing it for their children or students. Parents have a number of apps available that give them more access to monitoring their children’s interactions online, even while experts suggest that building connections with children is preferable to using monitoring software. Schools would be slightly more likely to buy this but would need to see studies proving that it’s effective before investing money into it.

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