Hopscotch is a coding game for kids! Children can create their own games, by coding the programming to create them! Then, they can publish and play one another’s games. This game is made for children ages 9 to 16 years old. Watch this pitch, and let me know if you would invest!

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  1. EmilyOlson

    Yes, I would invest in this venture. The gap is apparent for me, as coding platform uniquely lets young students let them create user friendly games and gives them opportunities for experience marketing and selling. There are many coding platforms for kids out there, but many have clunky interfaces and only allow for free sharing. The creator is genuine, passionate, and clearly very knowledgeable and involved in their venture. This venture is well established, as this app has been around for a while, so there are already customers, a proven competitive edge, and championship from the creator.

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  2. Kelby Bacon

    Yes I would invest in this venture. Her pitch gave a clear explanation of what the intention is of her app, and how it can be used to fill a gap in teaching children about coding. There are other learn to code applications out there, many are challenging to use and don’t provide clear instruction for users to gradually build their skills. As an elementary school teacher, I have found success with using the step by step lessons provided by code.org, although once students have some basic skills they want to create on their own and experiment. Being able to build their own game on hopscotch would be highly motivating for students. On their website they also seem to provide guides for educators and curricular connections, this would make this a valuable resource in the classroom.

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