Matt Candler: CEO Of School 4.0

While we all recognize that entrepreneurs are disrupters (Amazon being a good example) but also risk takers. What if educational entrepreneurs had a way to test their ideas and were able to find a medium that could lend credibility to their work even before they introduce those ideas to managers, leaders and the public. Well, please take a look at School 4.0 by Matt Candler. He is the entrepreneur who created what he called an “entrepreneurial incubator” whose goal is to welcome anyone with “a spark” that could improve the education system by shaking up the status quo.

Matt Candler is the CEO of School 4.0, a nonprofit education incubator located in New Orleans. He is a graduate of Duke (undergrad) and Kellogg (MBA). 

Startups: KIIP Foundation, New Schools for New Orleans, and also build electric motorcycles.

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  1. Kendal

    Wow, I love everything that Matt Candler is doing through School 4.0. Bringing a community-oriented, grassroots feel to educational entrepreneurship and supporting innovators in a stage that is really difficult to make it through is super inspiring. I am hopeful this organization is able to keep funding flowing and others can model after it in other areas. It would also be really neat to look further into some of the ideas or projects it has helped get off the ground.

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  2. SeimeAdhmar

    Hi Kendal
    It is quite extraordinary what Matt Candler is doing to support and encourage grassroots entrepreneurship. We now know where to get sound advise and much more for our next brilliant idea.

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