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  1. sage capogreco

    Thanks for sharing Emma! Winterford is a great fonder to explore! I found it interesting that he had his start in the marketing of “fast-moving consumer goods” (Hao 2021), which seems so far from the field of education. It was in identifying the gap in workplace education that he subsequently explored microlearning and created this product. A reminder that innovation can come from anywhere!

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  2. EmilyOlson

    Hi Emma, thanks for sharing! I think that the founder represents a strong role model for would-be entrepreneurs. I think it’s really interesting that he is both an entrepreneur and a CEO, as our readings discussed how difficult and rare that is. Perhaps his roots in marketing rather than education helps him to see the full picture of the venture more effectively, both in terms of seeing the unfulfilled need that prompted EdApp from a perspective informed by different fields and in understanding how his role needs to be dynamic from ideas to implementation to keep being a key player.

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