Shir Ekerling – Founder of AccessiBe

AccessiBe offers a suite of services: Some free and others paid. They advertise powerful tools such as their AccessWidge that use AI to go in and fix issues of accessibility directly within the code of the website. It has an easy-to-use interface that allows users to customize their approach to accessibility. AccessiBe also offer a host of other services as well, notably also offer expert consultations directly to their customers (see AccessiBe Products).

Founder Biography

Shir Ekerling (See his LinkedIn) is the CEO and co-founder of accessiBe and was named one of Forbes 30 Under 30. He got the idea for AccessiBe while he was co-owner of a marketing design and web development company in Israel and a 2015 law was enacted that would require all websites to be created to be accessible to users with disabilities. Intially, Ekerling and his team were worried that the cost of accessibility would be too high, but ultimately it gave them the idea to create AccessiBe (Superb Crew, 2020).


“Sustainable web accessibility is not just for businesses but first and foremost for users with disabilities.”
Shir Ekerling CEO of accessiBe


One thing I really found interesting about Ekerling’s story as a founder is that his idea came from what he originally thought of as an issue (i.e. his marketing firm potentially facing legal ramifications of not meeting accessibility standards) and in doing research on the topic he says “Our worry turned into empathy” as they realized “how much people with disabilities are excluded from online services.” (see Superb Crew interview 2020). I think empathy and compassion can be incredible motivators for entrepreneurs – something that is not always seen in conjunction with the idea of a typical venture.

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