A3 Venture Pitch: TeachEd

Welcome to TeachEd, the one-stop shop for professional development resources for educators. This is an online marketplace where educators can buy and/or sell resources to help their fellow educators achieve their professional goals. Please click the link below to view my website. where you will find my elevator pitch and venture pitch!


I look forward to hearing your feedback.


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  1. SafaaAbuSaa

    REVIEW: This is a great idea. the presentation is very well-done. It addresses a significant problem that educators everywhere face. The target market is large and presumably will continue to grow as the need for professional development resources grows in multiple areas of the educational field. There is a great opportunity to do something great here especially if the resources continue to be of the top-quality only. As an EVA, before recommending funding, I would suggest finding more ways of generating revenues to make this a more lucrative investment.

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  2. emma pindera

    Love the presentation of your pitch. Your Elevator App reminded me of an advertisement, and is definitely a good introduction to the resource! Your problems were clearly stated and defined. The solutions you list are also really clearly defined. More specifically, how do the solutions solve the problems you address? I loved that you included a Marketing strategy in your market analysis – this section was incredibly well thought out and delivered. Great and thorough cube analysis! The business plan is also incredibly stated especially the pricing packages. I also loved your thoughtful reflection, it is incredibly well thought out and I get to know you a lot better through it!
    As an EVA, I would recommend to connect the solutions to the problems more clearly. I would also love to see what the estimated ROI of the investment would be, and when investors would see clear growth in that investment.

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  3. SeimeAdhmar

    Hi Justine, I went through your venture idea and have found it pretty thoughtful. I think of the idea of having one website for teachers to access professional development as a good initiative. But I am skeptical that it would be a viable for profit business. Thanks to the pandemic, school districts across the country had no choice but to offer online learning to insure the continuation of the provision of instructions to students. As we all know, there is nothing quite like in person instructions. There were also professional developments offered online during the pandemic. Among those sessions online that I attended, I would say there is nothing quite like in person professional development, the live dynamic of group activities and the opportunity to network with other teachers. In addition, there are a lot of free resources online and teachers who have access to platform such as seesaw (https://web.seesaw.me/) has also access to a lot of free resources. I am not convinced that TeachEd is a viable venture.

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    1. SeimeAdhmar

      That is a REVIEW

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  4. EmilyOlson

    REVIEW: Hi Justine, this is a great solution for an important problem that is relatable for so many educators! Professional development and training is an area with ample potential for market value, as districts, schools, and individual teachers all currently spend lots of money on PD every year. Your Market and Cube Analysis sections were detailed and thorough, and the details of fees were very specific, so the venture felt viable and real. I appreciated that you did a comparison and clearly differentiated your tool from Teachers Pay Teachers, initially when I was reading it I was thinking they might be similar, but you identify some key differences that highlight TeachEd’s advantages. I also liked seeing the sample/mock up to get a sense of what the tool might look like for users. Your investor request seemed clear and well justified, as an EVA it seems like you’ve done your research in your company’s valuation and it would be a profitable investment.

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  5. Petros Katsigiannis

    REVIEW: Hi Justine, I really enjoyed reading/analyzing your venture pitch for TeachEd. Throughout your elevator pitch, you clearly demonstrated your goals with TeachEd. Its great to see a platform built to help teachers progress and evolve, and for teachers to be able to create, and profit from their great work. Another aspect of your elevator pitch that convinced me even more is your longterm goal to become global. I do believe that this product can expand and reach many people in different communities. TeachED seems like a great resource to keep up with ever evolving teaching trends. Your solution clearly tackles all of your identified problems. TeachEd seems to make learning and learning resources more accessible to educators and it gives a platform for educators to create with ease. A smart business move mentioned is the co-marketing with already ready made websites. This is a great way to put TeachEd on the map and grow. Another aspect of your venture pitch that was really well put together was your cube analysis. All six sections and the profile of your competitor were very concise and informative. This section really helped me further understand and recognize the value of TeachEd. Your investor request is pretty reasonable considering your overall growth so far and your future projections. I would certainly invest into TeachEd considering its current growth and considering that TeachEd stands out by providing free and pay-for professional development resources for users.

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  6. Leon Lam

    REVIEW: It’s good to centralize all PD resources, though I imagine some institutions would have incentive to do it themselves. Though I wonder how many actual teachers would end up using the resources (if they aren’t mapped to specific curricula). Regardless, this is an idea worth exploring

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  7. alexei Peter Dos Santos

    FEEDBACK: TeachEd presentation illustrates the problem, opportunities, and solution. Clearly, we can understand teachers paying teachers and how this venture can improve the quality of content. It seems to me a wonderful project. Considering a possible exponential growth, how do you believe we can accumulate similar content?
    Are there pre-specified criteria, or will the material be available?
    Your project is an excellent opportunity for K-12 Teachers and an open market to be explored.

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  8. Michelle To

    REVIEW: This is a thorough and solid venture. This venture tackles a real problem and it seems to be a good solution to it.

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  9. Scott Hladun

    REVIEW: Hi Justine, thank you for your well laid out venture pitch. After watching your elevator pitch I was intrigued and really excited to learn more about TeachEd. I think this is the perfect example of utilizing the collective skills and knowledge of a market in order to fulfill a need. Teachers are essentially content creators already, as they have the necessary skills to plan lessons, and deliver content relevant to their ‘viewers’ (aka students). Providing teachers with a platform in order to share the knowledge of their craft with others is a fantastic idea. Your venture pitch was very well thought out and organized, making it very clear when looking more in depth at your solution. I think that this is a very clever solution and I would consider investing in TeachEd.

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  10. Liana

    Hi Justine, great work in providing a thorough pitch for your TeachEd venture . You clearly identify the problem, solution and provide a detailed market analysis. I can definitely relate to the problem you highlight as a teacher trying to keep up with the constant changes in the EdTech space while being limited on time required to invest in learning. I believe that because most teachers don’t have free time to invest in professional development outside of the mandatory district days, educators choose to use social media where they can absorb snippets of learning while scrolling through their social accounts. An entire educator influencer market seems to be growing and I wonder if your target market would be inclined to paying for professional development with TeachEd when some of the content can be accessed for free on platforms such as Youtube and Instagram. I personally find that when I am learning a new tool, I will resort to self-help using Youtube where most of my queries are resolved. A quick Google or Youtube search for an answer to a problem is cheaper and faster, than investing time and money in taking a course. A suggestion for your venture would be to include some MiniPD – which would be 1 minute ‘pitches’ on a new tool or tip for an already existing tool. I once attended a Google Summit, which was the best professional development opportunity I’ve had as a teacher. They had something called a Demo Slam where presenters had one minute to showcase a new tool or tech trick or tip. As a busy teacher, masters student and mom, my style of learning needs to be quick with little time to invest. Teachers Pay Teachers is definitely your largest competition. I believe teachers are more willing to spend money on a physical lesson that they can have instant access to, rather than a learning opportunity that requires them to spend more time, which is already lacking, to learn. One concern I would have would be the proprietary aspect of your venture and if your largest competitor, Teachers Pay Teachers would knock off your venture idea and apply it to their platform. Because of the ease of a larger market player taking over this space, I would have to decline an investment in TeachEd. Your presentation was well organized and I enjoyed following your thought process in this venture.

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