A3 Venture Pitch: MOACH

Welcome to MOACH, the mom coach. An onramping platform designed to help working mothers reenter the workforce. Please click the link below to view my website where you will my pitch deck and elevator pitch.

MOACH: the Mom-Coach

Looking forward to hearing your feedback.


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  1. SafaaAbuSaa

    FEEDBACK: This is a neat idea. I would have liked to learn about the marketing strategies as the competition seems very strong. As an EVA, I fear the target market is not wide enough for a highly profitable investment.

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    1. Jocelyn

      Hi Safaa, Thank you for your feedback regarding marketing strategies. I would likely target the advertising towards the audience using social media platforms and include features on the platform to ensure search engine optimizations.

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  2. Kendal

    REVIEW: Hi Jocelyn, thanks for introducing us to MOACH. I enjoyed going through your elevator and pitch decks (nice work utilizing Canva by the way – I just started using it and wow has it been helpful for both videos and presentations). First, I think you’ve clearly identified a pinch point or problem. The information you provided on the slides in your pitch deck really got the message across and clearly articulates the issue you are trying to address (the stats are super helpful too). You’ve also done a great job at thinking this through and outlining the MOACH platform and what services it provides to moms reentering the workforce. Your brief overview of the market, and the way you broke down your business revenue model were helpful as an EVA, and I also like that you will target companies to work with you that have a focus on diversity, equity and inclusion (as part of this, I wonder if there is a way to ensure this space is welcoming and safe for trans women as well – not that you are precluding inclusivity as trans women can also be mothers, but something that came to mind). I think you also have the potential to partner with non-profitsĀ (for example, Mammas for Mammas) and I can see lots of organizing being supportive of this venture. There does seem to be competition, but I imagine that once MOACH grows and creates partnerships with companies, I can see moms reentering the workforce being interested in working with MOACH for that reason. This is something I would consider investing in – thanks again!

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  3. sage capogreco

    Hi Jocelyn, I want to echo Kendall’s point first of all that MOACH is such a great example of a product that well equipped to attend to a very specific need or problem. You so clearly outlined in your venture deck all of the research that is confirming the gender disparity in the in the labour market today. Well done on a very unique and well designed product! I thought your market analysis and project proposal were very professional and well written.

    My primary concern is more the capitalist market that MOACH would be venturing into. If part of the idea is to offer more time-flexible models to parents who are returning to the work force, I see certain parties taking advantage of this setup in order to capitalize on temporary, or expendable labour. I was really happy to see that, in your deck, you identify MOACH’s commitment to working with employers that promote a gender balanced workforce. I think it may be important to also take into consideration high standards of fair labour practices – e.g. that companies commit to a certain level of fair pay for internships. In this same vein, It might be an interesting business opportunity to align your venture with international NGOs as well – specifically those that work int he fields of labour/gender.

    I also wonder what you would think about using a caveat in the business plan to include new fathers or non-binary parents in this training program as well. While we know that the experience of being a woman returning to the work place has a lot of steep implications in our society, I think a lot of MOACH’s proposed curriculum could be beneficial across gender identities. I wonder if this is something you considered in your initial design?

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    1. Jocelyn

      Hi Sage,
      Thank you for your constructive feedback. My original idea was focused on targeting mothers in the workforce and there were not many stats regarding parental reentry across other gender identities but I think it is also important to include to ensure equality and fair representation. As the company grows and strong partnerships have been built, this is an area that I would look into expanding into.

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  4. alexei Peter Dos Santos

    REVIEW: Hello Jocelyn, MOACH is a project that adds equity, inclusion in the labor market, the possibility of recycling knowledge, and promoting maternal well-being in the dual role of being a mother and a professional. I would certainly invest in this venture. This is also an unmet need in Brazil, where more than 50% of families are supported exclusively by mothers. This reality is likely repeated in all low- and middle-income countries.
    I strongly suggest that a project with a distinct purpose has aspirations beyond Canada. Your idea and project were very inspiring and exciting.
    Thank you very much for your venture!

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  5. Petros Katsigiannis

    FEEDBACK: Hello Jocelyn! Thank you for an excellent venture pitch. Your elevator pitch really peaked my curiosity for MOACH and the topic of mothers trying to integrate themselves back into the workforce having children. Your three-tiered approach was very thorough and MOACH provides excellent resources that provides mothers with the opportunities to succeed and reach their goals. I really think you have something good with MOACH, and I look forward to reading any further developments if you chose to pursue this venture outside of ETEC 522.

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  6. Michelle To

    REVIEW: Women supporting women is great. The intention of the venture is clearly stated and the pitch is well-structured. With your analysis on how to support mothers re-entering the workforce and the clear timeline, this would be a good resource for each company to employ to retain their professional women worker. I am looking forward to seeing this framework working across Canada, as well as beyond Canada.

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  7. Katie M

    FEEDBACK: I really liked how clearly you outlined the problems that led you to creating coach. It was very compelling seeing just how great the need is for a solution to these very common issues for women reentering the workforce. I especially liked the micro-internship part of your approach because of how unique it is and how eager mothers hoping to gain more confidence before fully reentering the workforce would be to participate in it.

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  8. Scott Hladun

    REVIEW: Hi Jocelyn, it was a pleasure looking through your elevator and venture pitch. Beginning with your elevator pitch, you very clearly stated the problem your business will be solving, and how you will be solving it. I remember reading once that the most successful businesses are the ones with a simple solution that is executed well, and that elevator pitch tells me that this business will be highly successful. Your venture pitch is very well organized and the in depth analysis and research into why this market needs your business positioned it as the obvious solution. Your ideas seem very refined and the subscription model seems very appropriate for the services your target market is receiving. I really liked that you have two main income streams; one from the users and another from the businesses. One piece of information that might be helpful for an investor is see is when they may receive a return on their investment, for example, how many moms need to purchase a subscription in order for the company to make a profit, and if the goal is to assist with reentering the workforce, what will your marketing funnel look like in order to have a consistent client base once the initial users have achieved that? Overall, I think MOACH has a lot of potential and it would be amazing to see it come to fruition! I would definitely consider investing in MOACH.

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