A3 Venture Pitch: Chalkster

Welcome everyone to my A3 Venture Pitch Assignment. Please find here my webpage with my venture and elevator pitch for my proposed tool, Chalkster:


I look forward to receiving your feedback!

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  1. trevor laughlin

    The pitch for Chalkster is a compelling one.; the idea that educators or presenters will not have to jump between an assortment of learning apps for delivering content, centralizing all the features in one, could be a game changer. Providing digital literacy for educators that are not comfortable or not as digitally literate he’s a very empowering tool . Sage identifies a clear Gap in the market ( video editing for educators) which could very easily be exploited. I would have liked to see more in the venture about pricing and income/cost projections (such as how Chalkster would provide premium images), but other than that there are the seeds of something great here.

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  2. Justine

    FEEDBACK: Sage, I like the concept you have come up with! Chalkster seems like a great company. I love that it is an all-in-one tool because, as an educator, I think we all know that we all want easy to use tools. We don’t have time to be learning how to work with new tools. Also, we want to include a variety of tools in our teaching so an all-in-approach is great. How does Chalkster compare to other video-editing platforms like some of the ones we have seen in these pitches? Do you look at these platforms as competitors to Chalkster or not?

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    1. sage capogreco

      Thanks for that suggestion Justine! I wish I would have dived more into that element in my venture. The only real competitor that I identified was OBS (and a handful of similar products). All of these products were specifically designed for video game streamers who have a lot of technical know-how. There does not seem to be a product that advertises the live video production along with ease of use for beginners. I think this is because the market is understood to be technically advanced.

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  3. Kendal

    FEEDBACK: Great pitch, Sage! Your presentations gave me some insights into the challenges that you and other educators have faced while trying to integrate multiple tools into video meetings, and it sounds like Chalkster would be a super useful tool to help mitigate some of those annoyances! I also really appreciate the effort you put in to include a demo of the product (: Once thing that comes to mind is that you could possibly include a training or support program for educators wanting to transition to using this platform. I know I get overwhelmed with new tools, and that could be incentive for people to adopt this one. Thanks again!

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  4. joseph villella

    FEEDBACK: Hi Sage, your pitch was excellent! I appreciated that you actually showed your vision for the design of Chalkster which made it a lot easier to follow. During the height of the pandemic, I would often use OBS to adjust some aspects while I was communicating with students over Zoom. Chalkster would have been so much easier to use and you presented it in a way that I feel anyone would be able to understand. I really see it succeeding in the education sector as it is a simple tool that can get the job done with minimal learning (I’ll never get all of the time back that I spent watching OBS videos). Thanks for your pitch!

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  5. EmilyOlson

    FEEDBACK: Your elevator pitch is effective in immediately identifying needs upon which Chalkster is based, and it was good to see you (the founder) right away on video and make a connection in that way! You include strong and relatable justification for the combination of tools that make Chalkster uniquely useful. The mock up you made clearly highlights the purpose and appeal of Chalkster. Info about Markets and features was useful for consideration of investment, and I think there’s a lot of potential here.

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  6. SeimeAdhmar

    REVIEW: Hi Sage, your venture Chalkster has great potential! Even if the full effect of COVID is behind us, there are a lot of online educational institutions that will find it very useful to use this venture to reach their students. I actually hope that this venture will be fully established in the next 3-5 years so I can use it in my own organization (which I intend to create) for the Caribbean region. I am sure that I will be able to find you online! You can count me in as a prospective user. My only recommendation for you is to find creative ways to promote this venture. Thank you!

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    1. sage capogreco

      Thanks so much, Sem 🙂 I am happy to hear that Chalkster could actually fit a need that educators have. I will let you know if I ever manage to get it off the ground!

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  7. greg patton

    Hey Sage,

    Loved your elevator pitch! Chalkster sounds quite useful for educators as it incorporates so many tools into one easily serviceable platform. I would love to use this for some of my administration meetings as well as Zoom/Teams tends to limit what you can actually present.

    Well done!


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    1. greg patton

      Forgot FEEDBACK

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  8. Jocelyn

    Hi Sage,
    Given the recent movement towards online and hybrid learning, I think Chalkster has great potential for not just educators, but any presenter. Your visual of the program was extremely helpful and demonstrated the usability of the tool, I especially liked how easy it is to integrate other resources into the presentation to make it more interactive rather that just a talking head. I appreciate the two phases of the investment strategy and would like to know more about the funds that may be required to develop this platform. How much would you be asking from those private investors, like myself?

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  9. Katie M

    FEEDBACK: Hi Sage, I really liked your idea for chalkster as it reminds me of a mixture between Canva and Zoom, both of which I use a lot and that operate with the same “freemium” pricing structure that you are seeking to use. This seems like a good time to invest in ventures like yours with more businesses choosing to offer remote working alternatives that would necessitate this type of program for meetings. I would like to learn more about how much you would be pricing your product for and how much it would cost to create it.

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  10. sage capogreco

    Thank you all for your feedback on Chalkster, I really appreciate hearing what you liked and in what way I could improve!

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  11. emma pindera

    Chalkster sounds like an amazing tool! Thank you Sage for this great pitch! Thank you for allowing us to explore the tool and learn all about it!
    Your market analysis was clear and concise, and sounds like the market would give me a good ROI. I will definitely be investing in Chalkster and I feel I and my team could definitely use it in any virtual presentations or instructions we need to record. I also loved the price comparison of the free vs premium options, however, I think it would be great to go into how much this cost is comparable to its competitors.

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