A3 Venture Pitch – LearnTo

Hi all, please view the following link to my elevation pitch as well as my venture pitch on the online tutoring application “LearnTo”.Looking forward to hearing your thoughts! 🙂


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  1. Justine

    Michelle, I love the concept of LearnTo! This was a good pitch for potential investors, like me! I do like the business model behind your company. The charge structure for users makes sense, and is broken down quite well. LearnTo does resolve many issues that students face with tutors. I like that you compared LearnTo to traditional types of tutoring, however, I do wish that you also compared LearnTo to online tutors. You mentioned Khan Academy and Clegg. How is LearnTo different from those models? How is it differentiated? The competition out there for online tutoring is my biggest concern with this investment. I see that you are asking for a $1 million investment. How much equity would this include? As an investor, after looking more into competition, I would make my decision and invest. However, considering you chose quite a competitive market, I would invest for less and for a lesser equity. I would want some shares in this company and ability to give some input into the structure. Well done!

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    1. Justine

      Sorry, I forgot to put that this was a REVIEW.

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  2. SafaaAbuSaa

    FEEDBACK: This is a good idea. It just lacks clarity. You mention there are online classes and intensive courses, so is this like a MOOC where students have to finish a certain course or is it just a website/app for study help? Also, if it’s a website/app, and if the ask is as big as $ 1M, why is a Telegram group needed for student support? the business model is great, however, the pricing is odd. I wish marketing strategies and competitive advantages were explained as the competition is fierce in the online tutoring world.

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  3. joseph villella

    FEEDBACK: Hi Michelle, I really like what LearnTo has to offer! I know that there are more options in the online tutor space now, but I think that you have thought through your idea pretty well. I think the $1M investment is a bit steep and I am curious though what the equity would be that you would offer for that amount. Solely looking at your idea though, I think it is a great idea and I think putting an emphasis on that instant support that you mentioned could be enough to help differentiate itself from the competition.

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  4. EmilyOlson

    FEEDBACK: I love this idea of on demand tutoring / microlearning! The problems you identified are clear and real, and Learnto is a creative twist on traditional tutoring. The market info and business model is very thorough, and the comparisons section really helps to highlight advantages of using Learnto over other more traditional tutoring options. I really like this idea and think it is a promising venture, but as others above have mentioned the 1M ask is a lot.

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  5. greg patton

    Hey Michelle,
    LearnTo sounds like an interesting enterprise! I was wondering about tutor retention; with 10,000 all being paid per question, is this a full time job opportunity or are you seeking mostly part time tutors? I’m also taking it for granted that most, if not all, your tutors are teachers, who would be answering questions during school hours?

    Thanks for the awesome Venture!


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  6. alexei Peter Dos Santos

    FEEDBACK: Hi Michelle, LEARNTO is a handy and agile tool for removing students’ doubts. It adds value to teaching outside the classroom and provides oriented and reliable sources, avoiding many unreliable references suggested by digital search engines with substantial commercial influence. Additionally, increases teachers’ presence.

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  7. Jocelyn

    FEEDBACK: Hello Michelle,
    LearnTo is an interesting idea that takes tutoring online. Based on your business model, there are many options for students to choose from subscription plan to intensive course. I think this is a highly saturated market in-person, with many franchised tutoring centres as well as specific intensive courses to target specific skills (ie. Kaplan). Taking it online takes it to another level. Comparing the pricing to these competitors, your pricing is far more reasonable where Kaplan is up to $433 per month for live online MCAT prep course, making it more accessible to a wider range of students. The asking price for the investment is a bit steep, and I am wondering how much the tutors would be getting paid with only $40,000 going to the 10,000 tutors that are available.

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  8. emma pindera

    Review/Feedback: Michelle, I love your catchy elevator pitch! You state the problem and solution really well! I really enjoyed your competitive analysis to other tutoring options compared to LearnTo. Your pricing package is also clearly defined. You also defined your funding clearly and itemized how it would be used. I would invite you to also show what the return on investment would be for the potential investors.

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  9. Scott Hladun

    FEEDBACK: Hi Michelle, Thanks for sharing your idea for LearnTo with the group! I think that overall the idea is very solid and it’s very evident that you have thought through the pricing plans for the market in which your business is in. You’ve very clearly identified the problem that your business aims to solve, and it’s definitely a solution I would’ve appreciated when I was younger because I used to finish homework pretty late at night once I got home from extra curriculars and work. I was slightly confused in regards to the asking price as you listed your expenses at around $100 000 but are asking for $1 million. One other competitor/business model worth looking at might be Paper Co. They partner with school boards, which in turn take on the initial cost associated with tutoring, which allows it to offer free tutoring services to students, making it more accessible for all students.

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