American Military University

James Etter (USMC retired)

James Etter is the founder of American Military University in 1991, which is a university that is tailored to meeting the needs of military members given their sometimes hectic and demanding schedules. Specifically, it focuses on distance education for remote learning. The university has more than 190 programs, which focus on leadership and service, that can be taken worldwide.

James Etter is also the founder of Ukraine Refugee Online Academy (URO Academy) in April 2022

AMU is motivated by delivering individuals with transformation learning experiences. The university aims to creative interactive learning opportunities with high-quality interfaces. The programs that the school offers are relevant and applicable in the working environment. The university also promotes learning communities and encourages life-long learning opportunities, making education accessible.

I recognize that this is an older project, but I appreciate how the company has continually worked at staying current. This is a well established organization.

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  1. Braden Holt

    Hi Sam,

    The AMU seems like a very valuable resource to the military members. It’s also commendable that Etter was able to take his expertise in online schooling and use it to support Ukrainian refugees. He certainly has immense expertise and the ability to implement online education systems successfully. I will have to look further into his background and the teams he uses to support his projects before I decide whether Etter is a strong role model for aspiring entrepreneurs.

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