A1- Mobile Apps to Support Physical Education

For my A1 project I wanted to look into how mobile apps are being used to support Physical Education programming. I found that there is a lot available, but not enough is being done to ensure that these apps are being used purposefully to support positive behavioural changes for our students. I created an infographic to display my research for this project. Thanks and enjoy!

Click this link to get to my infographic on Pictochart!

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  1. jennifer r
    I really enjoyed your infographic and topic. I was teaching 1-6 PE when Covid-19 first hit and I had to switch to teaching online. I used a combination of Google Classroom, Screencastify extension and Seesaw app and found that the students were really engaged. I think that what they enjoyed about learning/practicing PE at home, was that it was lower barrier for the students who lacked confidence in the regular PE setting. Students who were outgoing loved to post vides of themselves doing the activity and to post them for other students to comment on/like. I thought that technology and Physical Education (besides classroom body breaks) were at opposite ends of the spectrum, but I was definitely wrong!
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  2. kylie neiser
    Hi Benjamin, This is a great topic to focus on. I find it so hard to get some kids motivated in physical activity. Our PE teacher posted videos and posters each week for students to still stay active during remote learning and barely any did it! I was wondering what else could possibly catch their attention. I posted some “PE with Joe” Youtube videos and they liked those, but maybe an app with a bit of gamification would have been more successful. Great, informative infographic too! Thanks for sharing.
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  3. Kristin Garratt
    Hi Benjamin, Physical Education apps are precisely what I am researching right now. I am running into some difficulty with apps that store user data in the U.S. I was disappointed that Strava wasn’t approved because of that for my school district in B.C. Did you find any apps that stored the information in Canada? I will keep looking. Please help if you can. Thanks for sharing the infographic. It was organized well and contained a lot of great information. 🙂
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  4. Kat
    Hi Ben, Great info displayed through your Piktochart! I find this topic with PE apps in school very interesting. Because I teach elementary students, finding things that are engaging and fun can often be a struggle. I have noticed some of my students have purchased fit bit watches to track their steps. Also because of this age group, many of my students don’t have mobiles so we would have to access apps together as a whole class. My background is in personal training and teaching yoga and so I always just make up things for my students. I think it would be an advantage to not have to lead some of these routines from time to time and really give my students the opportunity for some independence. I will try the Downward Dog Yoga with them- thank you!
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  5. Juliano Ng
    Great infographic Benjamin! It’s very informative and highlights the need to make our students more active and how technology can help! I think that there has been a slow transition to using mobile apps to support P.E. programming but it’s catching on! I think the apps can be good for motivating the students with the “doing” part and getting them to be active, but the teacher still needs to be there to explain the “why” or the promotion part for it to be implemented successfully. What we need to be weary about is that the apps need to have a prolonged motivational effect and that it is not just a novelty. When Go Noodle (aerobic class) first came out, students at my elementary school were excited because it was on a video and no longer their teacher leading them, but shortly after, the students started groaning about it as they found it repetitive and cheesy. I’ve switched to use the Nike Training Club App which goes through workouts and is sometimes demonstrated by star athletes such as Cristiano Ronaldo. The app tells you which muscle groups are being worked on so as the educator you can explain why you need strength in those areas, and how I keep them motivated is that I let them create a playlist for them to workout to!
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