Who are we?

FaFa is a student-run organization within the School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture at the University of British Columbia seeking to engage and challenge the mono-cultural attitudes and conversations predominant in design practice and architectural education.


Why do we exist?

In a field traditionally driven by myopic discussions on how we understand and shape our built environment, we seek to create space for underrepresented voices in design culture. We wish to add to the conversation started by groups who have previously challenged the status quo in architectural practice, as we look past our academic lives and towards our future careers.


What is our mandate?

FaFa is dedicated to seeking creative answers to the following challenges:

  • Creating space for underrepresented voices and perspectives in SALA

  • Ensuring equal access opportunities for all SALA students

  • Encouraging and promoting diversity within leadership and mentors

  • Empowering members to explore non traditional methods of design and ways of envisioning their environments¬†

  • Supporting change in compensation and identification of value in the professional workplace


What is feminism to us?

Uplifting all voices which are often repressed in the culture of architectural education including all sexualities, abilities, and genders


Who is this open to? (who is this for?)

  • Students

  • Former students

  • Women and female-identifying people

  • Men and male-identifying people

  • Nonbinary, cisgender, gay + queer people

  • Everyone!