FaFa Exhibition

FaFa is having an exhibition in September 2020!

We want to showcase the precious advocacy work of all our members! Graduates, professors and professionals within the design community are invited!

As part of a greater initiative to increase awareness in favour of equality in the field of architecture, FaFa will organize an exhibition to showcase the unique work of the students involved. The idea is to host an event that will celebrate student work that engages with issues of gender, oppression, social justice and equality as it relates to the field of architecture, landscape architecture and design in general. The main content of the exhibition will feature in part the zines produced during “Zine Nights” organized by FaFa, as well as student’s directed studies concerned with FaFa-related themes.

If you are a SALA student and the idea to have your work displayed sounds interesting to you, make sure you take a look at our proposed directed studies!

More details to come.