Reasons for Support

Reasons in Support of Fox Hunting

Part of the aim of the Burns Report sought to determine popular reasons for why the sport of fox hunting should or should not be continued. A number of reasons were conceived in support of fox hunting. Supporters argue that the use of dogs to cull wild foxes is more humane than other possible methods, as the death by a hound is seen to be quick and relatively painless, caused by the vertebrae of the neck snapping. This is argued to be a more humane method of death compared to the possibility of death from starvation or disease. Foxes are also notorious for raiding farm lands, damaging crops and livestock. Foxes are largely considered pests in the countryside, and hunting is thought to help control their numbers.  Another argument made in support of fox hunting is that a complete ban would destroy a time-honoured tradition. This final reason has little foundation from the perspective of animal welfare, especially considering that the sport is enjoyed by a small number of the population, specifically those who can afford the hounds, horses, and staff needed, though fox hunting has recently become more available for lower income citizens.

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