My students, post-docs and research associates are part of the Software Practices Lab, which brings together people interested in producing better real-world software systems easier and faster.

Working with great students is the best part of being a faculty member.

Current Graduate Students

Daniel Almeida (Ph.D. Student)
Anna Eilertson (Visiting Ph.D. Student from U. Bergen)
Arthur Marques (Ph.D. student)
Chris Satterfield (M.Sc. student)
Giovanni Viviani (Ph.D. student)

Current Post-Docs

Zhiyuan Wan

Graduated Ph.D. Students (Current Locations)

Sarah Rastkar (LinkedIn)
Roberto Bittencourt (co-supervised with Dalton Dario Serey Guerrero) (Assistant Prof @ UEFS Brazil))
Thomas Fritz (Assistant Prof @ U. Zurich)
Brian de Alwis (Manumitting Technologies << Researcher at U. Sask)
John Anvik (Assistant Prof @ U Lethbridge)
Mik Kersten (co-founder/CEO of Tasktop Technologies)
Jan Hannemann, co-supervised with Gregor Kiczales (German National Library)
Davor Cubranic, co-supervised with Kelly Booth (Stats @ UBC)
Martin Robillard (Associate Prof @ McGill U)
Robert Walker (Associate Prof @ U. Calgary)
Elisa Baniassad (Instructor, UBC)
Gene Lee (Walt Disney Animation)

Graduated M.Sc. Students (First position)

Albert Thompson
Daniel Almeida (Ph.D. Student, UBC)
Giovanni Viviani (Ph.D. Student, UBC)
Sedigheh Zolaktaf (Ph.D. Student, UBC)
Sylvie Foss (MDA)
Deepak Azad (Co-founder, SmallStarter)
Rahul Jiresal (@startup)
Nicholas Sawadsky (PingIdentity)
Alexander Bradley (Coho Data)
Petcharat (Apple) Viriyakattiyaporn
Jingwen (Owen) Ou (Elastic Path)
Ducky Sherwood
Izzet Safer (IBM Toronto Lab)
Shawn Minto (
Tasktop Technologies)
Lyndon Hiew (Business Objects)
Trevor Young (Phantom Fiber)
Wesley Coelho (
Tasktop Technologies
Reid Holmes (Ph.D. Student at U. Calgary)
Annie Ying (IBM T.J. Watson Research Center)
Albert Lai (A.L.I. Technologies, Inc.)
Martin Robillard (continued to PhD UBC)
Elisa Baniassad (see under PhD above) (continued to PhD UBC)

Former Post-doc (First position)

Xin Xia (Monash)
Michalis Famelis (UdeM)
Mark Palyart
Neil Ernst (SEI)
Adrian Kuhn (Facebook)
Emerson Murphy-Hill (Assistant Prof. at NCSU)
David Shepherd (Tasktop Technologies)
Takashi Ishio (Assistant Prof @ Osaka U.)
Petri Selonen (Nokia)

Former Research Staff (First position)

Meghan Allen (UBC CS Instructor)
Robert Elves (Tasktop Technologies) Justin Leong (Software developer NeuroDevNet)
Vaden Masrani (Grad Student UBC))