Tackling the ever changing essential complexities of engineering software @ ICT.OPEN 2023 [PDF of Slides]

Creating Usable and Useful Software Tools @ ICSME 2021 [Slideshare] [YouTube]

Is Software Engineering Research Addressing Software Engineering Problems? @ ASE 2020 [Slideshare] [ASE2020 Poll Results] [YouTube]

Developing Effective Software Productively @ ICPE 2020 [Slideshare]

Making Effective, Useful Software Development Tools @ CANARIE Canadian Research Software Conference 2019 [Slideshare]

The Need for Context in Software Engineering @ ASE 2018 [Slideshare]

Beyond DevOps: Finding Value through Requirements @ RE 2018 [Slideshare]

Impactful SE Research: Some Do’s and More Don’ts @ ICSE 2017 Doctoral Symposium [Slideshare]

The Elusive Nature of Context. Keynote @ CASCON 2016. [Slideshare]

Human-centric Software Development Tools, Distinguished Lecture @ U. Waterloo 2016. [Slideshare]

Let’s Talk Open Source, UBC Alumni Talk 2016. [Slideshare]

Is Continuous Adoption in SE Achievable and Desirable? SEIP Keynote @ ICSE 2016. [Slideshare]

Improving Software Development Productivity Minute-by-Minute. ACM SIGSOFT Webinar 2016. [Slideshare]

Software Supply Chains. Keynote @ MODELS 2015. [Slideshare, PDF]

Getting to Flow in Software Development. Keynote at ASWEC 2014. [Slideshare]

What is Software Development Productivity Anyway. Keynote @ MSR 2013. [Slideshare]

Big data. Little Brain. Little Data. Big Brain. Keynote @ PASED Summer School 2011. [PPT Show, PDF]

Context as an antidote to information overload. Keynote at MSA 2010. [Video PPT]

Using activity traces to characterize programming behaviour beyond the lab. Short paper talk @ ICPC 2009. [PDF]

Everyday aspects. Keynote at AOSD 09. [PDF]

Attacking information overload for software development. Distinguished Lecture @ Columbia U. [ PDF]

Houston: we have a problem. Keynote @ ICSM 2007. [Web (may need to use IE), PPT, PDF]

Task-focused Programming with Mylar. Talk @ CUSEC 2007. [PPT]

The Emergent Structure of Development Tasks. Invited talk at ECOOP 2005. [PPT]

Learning from the Past. Keynote at WCRE 2003. [PPT, Web]

Thesis talk (1996) on Lightweight Summarization Methods [Web]

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