Low Impact Design (LID)

LID is complex and needs demystifying to be used by all designers in the early stages of any urban design project. Therefore, a fast and easy method for designers to determine the space/dimensions of LID needed should be developed to apply LID at any site (site includes roof and at-grade solutions).

The International Stormwater Design Application (ISDA)

Greenskins lab is currently finalizing the development of a calculator which can be used worldwide in the concept design phase by designers and municipalities approving urban design proposals.

Designers work visually, so do clients in most part, therefore the focus of this tool will be easily accessible through visual graphics and user-friendly application. This tool is designed for the initial schematic design stage of a project, further along in the design process, more sophisticated tools and close cooperation with hydrological engineers are required. This tool will be useful, especially in countries where data to calculate stormwater runoff is not easily accessible.

The International Stormwater Design Application (ISDA) will be able to calculate the dimensions of urban stormwater tools above and at-grade during the design concept phase for new and retrofit urban areas.

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