Program: GSURS 2022


9:00-9:10 Opening Remarks 

Land Acknowledgement & Welcome Note

Dr. Ervin Malakaj

9:10-10:00 Plenary 1

Moderated by: Emilie Kneifel (UBC)

Dr. David Gramling (UBC): “Thesis in a Bottle: Reflections on My Undergraduate German Studies Research, 23 Years Later”

10:00-11:00 Panel 1: Film Studies

Moderated by: Dr. Rosemarie Peña (UBC)

  1. John Ye (UBC): Ostalgie in Contemporary Germany
  2. Sarah Wilkinson (UVic):  Stücke: Claustrophobia And The Haptic Vignettes In László Nemes’ Saul Fia (2015)
  3. Goldman Lam (UBC): Power Dynamics and Justice in M 

11:00-12:00 Panel 2: Translation, Adaptation, Linguistic Identity

Moderated by: Dr. Caroline Rieger (UBC)

  1. Austin Heinz (UW): Enhancing the Accessibility of German Art-Song Through English Translations
  2. Auden Finch (UW): Mediating Jewish Identity in Late Imperial Austria-Hungary
  3. Emilie Kneifel (UBC): Its Own Antidote: Linguistic Isolation & Post-Brechtian Theatre

12:00-12:30 Announce Lunch Break & End-of-Day Wrap-Up

12:30-1:30 Plenary 2

Moderated by: Emilie Kneifel (UBC)

Dr. S. Kye Terrasi (UW): Turn of the Century for the Twenty-First Century: Resisting Gender Construction in the Literature and Art of Vienna 1900”

1:30-2:30 Panel 3: Queer & Gender Studies

Moderated by: Dr. Ervin Malakaj (UBC)

  1. Roshan Selden (UW): “The Art of Motherhood: Conflicting Gender Roles in ‘Das Lied von der Glocke’ and its Consequences on Friedrich Schiller’s Conceptualization of Art and Rebellion”
  2. Nicolai Hilton (UBC): A Masculine Dominion: German Military Culture 1918-1945
  3. Sahiba Ubhi (UBC): Nosferatu: A Symphony of Queerness


2:30-3:00 End 


SUNDAY April 3rd

9:00-10:00 Panel 4: How we tell stories

Moderated by: Dr. Rosemarie Peña (UBC)

  1. Charlie Zeisler (UVIC): The Personification of Nature in the Fairytales of the Brother Grimm
  2. Ella MacQueen-Denz (UVIC): Christa Wolf’s Störfall/Nachrichten eines Tages: Moving Away from Human-Centred Narratives in Stream-Of-Consciousness Literature
  3. Tyrell Loster Peitzsche (UVIC): A Child’s Innocence in Mahler’s Fourth Symphony
  4. Sidney Syona Singh (UBC): Apples Melting on Books: Visually representing Heinz Skyte’s memories of Kristallnacht in Survivour of the Holocaust: True Stories of Six Extraordinary Children

10:00-11:00 Panel 5: History & Historiography & Biography

Moderated by: Dr. Ervin Malakaj (UBC)

  1. Rachel Lundeen (UW): The Revolution, Institutionalized: The Impact of the 1960s West German Student Movement on Germany’s Two Largest Political Parties
  2. Noah James (UBC): The Life and Career of Alvo von Alvensleben
  3. Kolby Mullen (UBC): Inescapable Patriarchy: Robot Maria’s Lifeline in Fritz Lang’s Metropolis
  4. Declan Hughes (UVIC): Horst Hoheisel, Counter-Monuments, and Lieux de Mémoire

11:00-12:00 Announce Lunch Break & End-of-Day Wrap-Up

12:00-1:00 Plenary 3

Moderated by: Gabrielle Bonifacio (UBC)

Dr. Matthew Pollard (UVIC) “Riefenstahl as Revenant”

1:00-2:00 Panel 6: Humans & Nature

Moderated by: Dr. Jason Lieblang (UBC)

  1. Kate Block (UVIC): The relationship between humans and nature in “The Runenberg” by Ludwick Tieck
  2. Jamee Petterson (UVIC): Impermanence and Caspar David Friedrich: A Discussion about Nature and Humanity
  3. Justin Lucoe (UVIC): Romantic view of nature during the Nazi Period
  4. Abby Reed (UVIC): Ecocriticism in Otto Dix’s Paintings


2:00 Conference End