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10 chain-stores vs Single store

How to use IT to maximize profits in these two situations.?

Aldo’s employee of the year system – Club Elite

An example of a chain store is Aldo Shoes, a Canadian chain store that is now multinational, uses IT to accurately determine which store has the highest volume of sales and which sales associate is responsible for the majority of the sales. The top employees of the year will receive an expensive item or even a paid vacation to the Bahamas! With this system in place, employees are encouraged to sell as much as they can so that they can compete for these generous gifts. Hence, for a chain store, IT helps to maximize profits by encouraging sales.

As for a single store, such as Mia Boutique, a local business that sells formal dresses, one would expect that IT would not be a necessity to such a small business. However, with the use of IT, the business can save more time and improve productivity. For instance, ordering dresses via IT is a more efficient method that allows the business to keep compare prices, track of the number of dresses they have ordered and calculate their total bill. In essence, IT helps maximize profits by increasing productivity.

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