The Arc that connects us all

It was so moving to read the articles regarding Sauder’s Arc Initiative and how this program has helped countless business men and women in developing countries improve their business. By spreading business knowledge to individuals in need allows Sauder to practice their corporate social responsibility and establish a charitable and caring corporate culture. This culture is then brought upon the students in order to advocate this ethical stand and encourage Sauder graduates to make ethical decisions in their future career.

Hearing a business owner in Columbia speak about his experience with Arc Initiative was very poignant and motivational. This man was smiling and thanking Jeff throughout his entire interview and from the look of his cheerful face as he was skyping with our class, I could tell that he felt very blessed with being able to participate in Arc Initiative. He learned to “think strategically” and make “strategic decisions” which were concepts that are not taught in the country he lives in. With these decisions, he can become more profitable and improve the social standards of his local community.


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