Comments and Editorials

Acts of kindness did not decline during the pandemic. In fact, they have risen.
Lara Aknin and John F. Helliwell
Toronto Star, 2022

COVID-19: What Next?
John F. Helliwell
Samuel Centre for Social Connectedness, 2020

COVID-19 — a tragedy and renaissance: Is it too much to hope for more humility and continued generosity?
John F. Helliwell
Op-Ed, Vancouver Sun, 2020

A Pioneer in Broadening the Use of Subjective Well-Being to Measure and Improve Quality of Life, and in Establishing the Social Sources of Well-Being
John F. Helliwell
Editorial Note, Applied Research in Quality of Life, 2019

A Positive Sense of Connection
John Helliwell and Carlo Ratti in discussion on better networks, 2019

Happiness Inequality and the Importance of Trust
John F. Helliwell, 2016

New Evidence on the Durability of Social Norms
John F. Helliwell, Shun Wang, and Jinwen Xu, 2013

Celebrating World Happiness Day
John F. Helliwell, 2013

Overview: Good Governance, Economic Crises, International Cooperation and World Happiness
John F. Helliwell
CIGI Special Report 2013: Five Years After The Fall

Social Cures Have Good Side Effects
John F. Helliwell
Visions: B.C.’s Mental Health and Addictions Journal, 2011, Vol. 6, No. 4, pp. 5-6.

It’s Time for Canadians to Stand Up for the Census
John F. Helliwell
Vancouver Sun, July 23, 2010

International Evidence on the Social Context of Wellbeing
John F. Helliwell, Christopher Barrington-Leigh, Anothony Harris, and Haifang Huang
Vox, April 24, 2010

Cutting through the Clutter: Searching for An Over-Arching Measure of Well-Being
Jon Hall, Christopher P. Barrington-Leigh and John F. Helliwell
CESifo DICE Report 4/2010, pp. 8-12.

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