Chinese Milk Scandal

In 2008, it was a tough year for babies and their parents in China. Sixteen infants, who had been fed on milk powder produced by Sanlu Group, were diagnosed with kidney stones and many of them were dying. After investigated by police, they found that the producers had illegally added a chemical substance called Melamine into the mike powder. After adding Melamine into the mike powder, their apparent protein content will be increased. Therefore, the producer can make more money on it.

In my opinion, I think the milk powder produces must bear the legal liability in this case. In order to maximize the profit, they did not care about people’s health issue. It is true that they will have a huge profit in short term since people actually believe that their product was good. However, if the illegal manufacturing process has been disclosed, the consequence will be very serious. To marketing, I believe that people will never ever buy their product and the company’s reputation will be bankrupted. To consumers, they will not only lose confident on Sanlu Group’s dairy product, but they will lost confident on all of the dairy product in China. This is the main reason of why milk powder in Hong Kong always in shortage as most of them was purchased by people from mainland China. To society, both parents and infants were suffered after using their products, which will raise a sadness atmosphere around China, and some of the people might even think that China is no longer a livable place.

To conclude, if Chinese government wants to prosper the dairy industry in China, they must establish a strict policy for the producers to follow and also children need to be educated to be an ethical person when they were young. 

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