Research Assistant

Want to learn more about morality and immorality? Then volunteer to be part of the great team at the Immorality Lab as a Research Assistant. Volunteering as a Research Assistant gives you access to the inner workings of what it is like to do social science research, looks good on a resume, and provides valuable experience for people planning to pursue Doctoral degrees in fields like psychology, organizational behavior, marketing, or economics.

Duties as a Research Assistant are varying depending on the project and your interests and skill level. Examples of tasks you may be required to complete include data collection (running participants in a lab setting), data entry (using the computer programs Excel or SPSS), literature reviews (using scholar.google.com and the UBC Library Database) and writing summaries of research projects (reading papers and summarizing them). You can work between 5-10 hrs/week, but a minimum 5 hour commitment will be required.

If you interested in volunteering in the Immorality Lab, please email a copy of your Resume/CV to karl.aquino@sauder.ubc.ca together with an unofficial copy of your transcript.

For those looking for more information about what the Immorality Lab does, please visit the rest of our website.


Work-Learn Program

If you want to make an ongoing commitment to the Immorality Lab, you can also apply to join the lab as a work-study student. This will be a paid position so the skills required and demands on your time will be higher than it would be for volunteers. The duties will be similar to those of volunteers, but a commitment of 10 hours/week will be required. If you are interested in being considered for a Work Learn position and are eligible, please email a copy of your Resume/CV to karl.aquino@sauder.ubc.ca.