Here you will find age-appropriate resources for teaching the history and legacy of Indian residential schooling in Canada. It is important as educators to first educate yourself surrounding the histories and experiences of residential schools, and to consider the ethical ways in which residential schooling should be brought into Canadian classrooms (check out the blog post here).

This page is constantly being updated. Please email me if you find other resources worth sharing!

Grades 1-3

Campbell, N. (2008). Shin-chi’s canoe. Toronto, ON: Groundwood/House of Anansi.

Campbell, N. (2010). Shi-shi-etko. Toronto, ON: Groundwood/House of Anansi. *

Kusugak, M. A. (1998). Arctic stories. Toronto, ON: Annick Press.

Grades 4-7

Legacy of Hope

  • Tebatchimowin (6 activities)
  • List of other resources and resource guides

Jordan-Fenton, C. & Pokiak-Fenton, M. (2013). When I was eight. Toronto, ON: Annick Press.

Jordan-Fenton, C. & Pokiak-Fenton, M. (2014). Not my girl. Toronto, ON: Annick Press.

Loyie, L. (2002). As long as the rivers flow. Toronto, ON: Groundwood Books.

Stirling, S. (1992). My name is Seepeetza. Vancouver, BC: Douglas & McIntyre.

Grades 8+

Where are the Children

  • Interactive historical timeline of residential schools
  • Videos from Survivors

Project of Heart

  • Historical documents
  • Timelines
  • By teachers for teachers (lesson plans)

Hill, G. (2010). 500 years of resistance comic book. Toronto, ON: University of Toronto Press.

For Educators

Where are the Children movie (available on Netflix and APTN)