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Here are some of the articles we read last year:

September:  Cole, E. R. (2009). Intersectionality and research in psychology. American psychologist64(3), 170.; Rosenthal, L. (2016). Incorporating intersectionality into psychology: An opportunity to promote social justice and equity. American Psychologist, 71(6), 474.

November: Walton, Q. L., & Boone, C. (2019). Voices Unheard: An Intersectional Approach to Understanding Depression among Middle-Class Black Women. Women & Therapy, 42(3-4), 301-319.

December: Ansloos, J. (2018). Rethinking Indigenous Suicide. International Journal of Indigenous Health, 13(2),8-28.

February: Settles, I. H., Warner, L. R., Buchanan, N. T., & Jones, M. K. (2020). Understanding psychology’s resistance to intersectionality theory using a framework of epistemic exclusion and invisibility. Journal of Social Issues76(4), 796-813.

March: Hyde, J. S., Bigler, R. S., Joel, D., Tate, C. C., & van Anders, S. M. (2019). The future of sex and gender in psychology: Five challenges to the gender binary. American Psychologist74(2), 171.

April: Brenner, R. (2020). Sleep partially mediated the relationship between discrimination and anxiety among sexual minority college students. Poster presented at the American Psychological Association 2020 Annual Convention.