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The Indigenous Pedagogies Research Network represents a collaboration between Indigenous and Feminist and GLBT faculty across diverse disciplines in the Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice (GRSJ) and Critical Studies in Sexuality (CSIS), located in the Faculties of Arts, Education, and Medicine. The rationale for this network is inspired and informed by UBC TREK 2010, Place and Promise, and the Aboriginal Strategic Plan 2008.  The latter emphasizes,  “the development of curricula specifically addressing Aboriginal issues and concerns must remain  a priority area across Faculties, assuring that those areas receive the depth of research accorded to  other disciplines” (10).  While there have been an increasing number of Indigenous content course  offerings across faculties, more so in Arts and Education here at UBC, and even a commitment  to faculty and student development in raising awareness of indigenous issues (e.g., “What I  Learned in Class Today” http://www.whatilearnedinclasstoday.com/), there still remains a large  gap in knowledge concerning Indigenous praxis.  The fact remains, university studies continue  to be dominated by western, scientific and liberal thinking, leaving Indigenous knowledges and  learning processes on the periphery. Further, decolonizing efforts cannot be limited to specific  programs, but rather seen as complex practices that need to be located across the institution.

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