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Ilan Vertinsky
Vinod Sood Professor of International Business Studies,
Strategy and Business Economics

Office: 511 David Lam Building
Research Office: 293 Macmillan Building

Tel: (604) 822-9406; (604) 822-3886
Fax: (604) 822-8477

E-mail: ilan.vertinsky@ubc.ca

Mailing Address:
The University of British Columbia
Sauder School of Business
2053 Main Mall
Vancouver, B.C., Canada, V6T 1Z2

Other Positions:
Professor, Institute of Asian Research
Professor, The UBC Master of Public Policy and Global Affairs Program

Research Interests:

  • Corporate Strategy (collaboration and competition)
  • Crisis Management and Resilience
  • International Business and the Pacific Rim
  • Innovation, knowledge transfer and Intellectual Property Protection
  • First nations of Canada

Curriculum Vitae (includes list of publications, in PDF)

Recent Publications (past 3 years)

  • Kant, S., Vertinsky, I., Zheng, B. (2016). Valuation of First Nations Peoples’ Social, Cultural, and Land Use Activities Using Life Satisfaction Approach. Forest Policy and Economics, published on line July 2016.
  • Park, C., Vertinsky, I. (2016). Reverse and Conventional Knowledge Transfers in International Joint Ventures, Journal of Business Research, published online February 2016.
  • Pe’er, A., Vertinsky, I., Keil, T. (2014). Growth and Survival: The Moderating Effects of Local Agglomeration and Local Market Structure. Strategic Management Journal, published online September 2014.
  • Cui, V., Vertinsky, I., Robinson, S., Branzei, O. (2015). Trust in the workplace: The role of social interaction diversity in the community and in the workplace. Business and Society, published online October 2015.
  • Park, C., Vertinsky, I., Becerra, M. (2015). Transfers of tacit vs. explicit knowledge and performance in international joint ventures: the role of age. International Business Review, 24(1): 89–101.
  • Yong, L., Vertinsky, I., Li, J. (2014). National distances, international experience, and venture capital investment performance. Journal of Business Venturing, 29(4): 471–489.
  • Kant, S., Vertinsky, I., Zheng, B., Smith, P. (2014). Multi-Domain Subjective Wellbeing of Two Canadian First Nations Communities. World Development, 64:140–157.
  • Branzei, O., Camp R.D., Vertinsky I. (2013). In Whom Collectivists Trust: The Role of (in) Voluntary Social Obligations in Japan. Management and Organization Review, July, pp. 319 – 343.
  • Chen J., Chen T., Vertinsky I., Yumagulova L., Park C. (2013). Public-Private Partnerships for the Development of Disaster Resilient Communities and Social Systems, Journal of Contingencies and Crisis Management, September, pp. 130 – 143.
  • Li J., Vertinsky I., Zhang H. (2013). The quality of domestic legal systems and export performance: theory and evidence from China, Management International Review, June, pp. 361 – 390.
  • Kant S., P., Vertinsky I., Zheng B., Smith P., (2013), The Social Cultural and Land Use Determinants of the Health and Well-being of Aboriginal Peoples of Canada: A Path Analysis, Journal of Public Health Policy, June, pp. 462 – 476.
  • Kornreich, Y., Vertinsky, I., Potter, P.B. (2013). Consultation and Deliberation in China: The Making of China’s Recent Healthcare Reform. The China Journal, 3(68) 176-203.
  • Park, C., Vertinsky, I. Lee, C. (2013). Korean International Joint Ventures; How the Exchange Climate Affects Tacit Knowledge Transfer from Foreign Parents. International Marketing Review, 29(2) 151-174.