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The Japanese are well known for their creativeness and their inventiveness, and I’m going to show you some of their bizarre inventions called Chindogu. Chindogu is the Japanese art of inventing ingenious everyday┬ágadgets that seem like an ideal solution to a particular problem.


The biggest problem facing anyone who sleeps on the subway is, of course, missing his/her stop. Taking this into consideration, someone has invented this device that has a message board attached in order to inform other passengers to wake you up at your stop. Other than that, you could also relax your head while sleeping.

Butter Stick

The use of this invention is pretty self-explanatory. I personally think this is a very practical invention.

Napkins for Anytime Purpose

This will certainly help when you have a cold… only if you don’t mind looking a little bit stupid…

Hair Protection

This invention will protect your hair from falling into the food when eating. Is this really necessary though?

Umbrella Tube

With this umbrella, you will never have to worry about getting wet when going out in a heavy rainy day! I just wonder how portable this umbrella would be…

Unfortunately, these inventions have been considered as useless due to their poor actual functionality and usability, as well as the social embarrassment that result from the utilisation of these devices. However, if these creative and innovative ideas were to be put through a proper product development process encompassing concept testing, product development, market testing etc., I am sure that at least one of these Chindogus will be successful.

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