Welcome to my homepage. I am a professor at the University of British Columbia, in the Department of French, Hispanic, and Italian Studies and in the Arts One program. I chair UBC’s program in Latin American Studies and am involved in Arts One Digital.

My MA is from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; my PhD is from Duke. I have been in Vancouver since 2004, and previously worked at the Universities of Aberdeen and Manchester. At Manchester I founded and co-directed the Centre for Latin American Cultural Studies.

I teach and research Latin American Studies and social and political theory. My aim is for Latin Americanism to inform theory and vice versa.

I teach a wide range of courses, from Spanish Language and Advanced Translation to Latin American literature surveys and seminars on topics such as “The Latin American Dictator Novel,” “Bad Latin American Literature,” “Prize-Winning Novels,” “Chicano and Latino Literature and Culture,” “Mexican Film,” and “Human and Civil Rights in Latin America.” My use of Wikipedia in the classroom has led to press coverage in multiple languages across the globe.

My book, Posthegemony, was published by the University of Minnesota Press and won honorable mention in the MLA’s Katherine Singer Kovacs Prize for “an outstanding book published in English or Spanish in the field of Latin American and Spanish literatures and cultures.” A Spanish translation came out with Paidós. I have also published many articles and reviews, presented at dozens of conferences and universities, and (sporadically) maintain a blog that is likewise called Posthegemony.

My current book projects include “American Ruins,” on the significance of six ruined sites from Alberta, Canada, to Santiago de Chile. I am also working on a project on “The Latin American Multitude,” which traces the relationships between Caribbean piracy and the Spanish state, and indigenous insurgency and the discourse of Latin American independence.

I enjoy music, cocktails, skiing (badly), and travel.

You can find me on WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Academia.edu.