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What Do You Still Know, Do, and Value?

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This is an exercise I did in a Backward Design Workshop. The original question was ‘What do people still value, do, and value 5 years after coming to the centre?’

I thought I should ask YOU what you still know, do and value since we met through my work as an Educational Developer.

Handout from the POD Network 2015 session: Backwards Design to Your Centre


How to Observe a Class from My Laptop?

‘Observation’ of outside-of-the-classroom experience has become a standard request in recent peer review of teaching even when courses are taught primarily in the face-to-face environment. Reviewees do not only want feedback on how they organize their content online, and they also wish to know if the online discucssion is effective, how the students are engaged, etc. More importantly, they like to know if the transition from the face-to-face classroom to the out-of-the-classroom logical and smooth for the students.

This put a lot of expectations on the peer reviewers. I look for ways to make my feedback more useful. I also look for a more systemic approach. I found this:

Instruments for self-evaluation, peer review and student rating for online courses are available via this Quality Online Learning and Teaching tool developed by the California State University, http://courseredesign.csuprojects.org/wp/qolt/.