Apple becomes the Top Brand of World.

This is really an interesting news and catches a lot of eyes. 

Almost everyone is surprised that Apple becomes the first company that beats Coca Cola which lasts the number one brand in the world for 13 years. According to the Interbrand ranking in 2013, we can gather a large amount information on how those brands which are familiar to us behave in this past year. As we can see from this ranking, the technology related brands are booming in recent years, such as Apple, Google, Microsoft, GE, IBM and Samsung. This statistics also shows the trends of consumer choices and market trends. All of things we have learned in class can apply to this news. According to the business fundamentals, in order to be a success brand or company, it needs to be careful with their value proposition, cost structure, accounting management and their model canvas and so on. However, in my personal opinion, I don’t think that Apple would maintain the Top 1 brand as long as Coca Cola did several years ago.  The reason is that the development of IT industry and electronics has already been mature enough. It would be so hard for them to be more innovative based on current stages.

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