Cyber Monday v.s. China’s Single Day.






The article introduced ‘the important Day’ for Chinese online shoppers. China’s Single Day is on 11th, November every year. This is a semi-formal celebration for people without a girlfriend or boyfriend. Because of the smartness of Chinese e-commerce company,¬†Alibaba Group create this ‘Shopping Day’ in order to boost sales. It is a website similar to Amazon in America. The online shopping sales on 11th November has doubled in recent years. As the graph shown, the sales on Single’s Day in 2013 and 2012 doubled the sales on Cyber Monday. This is an interesting fact that Chinese customers have such an amazing power of consumerism. Also, as the principle of Alibaba Group, Ma Yun said that the e-commerce project has significant growth potential in China. As we learned in COMM101 class, IT is highly related to the business world. People use IT to build Information System to help the retailers explore their market. From my perspective, the combination of IT and business is the general trend of the whole world. The market for e-commerce has unlimited potentials.

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