YUM! The Ending of Hunger.









Yum! A brand that well known as the largest brand of international fast food restaurants. It owns a plenty of famous restaurants such as KFC,Pizza Hut, A&W( before 2011) and East Dawning.This article shows us that Yum is taking action to make its CSR ( Corporate Social Responsibility) come true.  In 2011, Yum!’s total global sales were more than $14 billion. At Yum! Brands, they maintain that it is their responsibility to lead the fight to end hunger. They have also raised $1 million per year to  Care Food Bank for 11 years, helping to create Kid’s Café, Backpack Buddy and Patrol Against Hunger programs.

From my prospective, Yum! is taking actions to appealing all of the people around the world help vulnerable people whom suffer from hunger everyday. This is their CSR, while I think what they are doing creates not only CSR but also Coperate Shared Values. Yum! is making itself different and standing out of the fast food industry. From what we discussed in class, the differences between CSR and CSV is that CSV focus more on sustainability and compliance, such as Yum!’s Patrol Against Hunger programs, It is creating societal value and doing well by doing good.




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