Entrepreneur—Is It That Cool??


After studying in UBC for several months, one of my friend told me on WeChat (a social media similar as Facebook) that she finally decided what she want to do in the future. “An entrepreneur!” She sent this to me, with a big smiling emotion. In Comm101 class we talked about entrepreneurs. A lot of students think an entrepreneur is the person that can take his/her own idea into reality and he/she is the one that can somehow change the world. However my classmate Ha Pham’s point of view towards entrepreneurs attracts my attention and I really appreciate her way of looking at entrepreneurs. The example of Judy Estrin she uses in her blog is really inspiring.

From my point of view, entrepreneurs are not the ones that can do whatever they want; instead, the social responsibility that they have sometimes force them to give up their ideas.  As Spider-Man motto says: “With Great Power comes Great Responsibility” Is it that cool to become an entrepreneur? I don’t think so.

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