My research focuses on answering questions in theoretical phonology, using techniques from a wide variety of areas, including experimental phonetics, psycholinguistics, corpus linguistics, sociolinguistics, semantics, and information theory.

The kinds of questions I am interested in are:

  • what discrete categories of sound or form do language users extract from a continuous acoustic or visual signal?
  • what relationships may hold between these categories in a given language?
  • how are these relationships determined?
  • what patterns and processes apply to these categories?
  • what linguistic information do these categories convey?
  • how do language learners acquire these categories?
  • to what extent are these categories, relationships, and processes psychologically real and manifested in perception and production?
  • what cognitive processes have led to these categories, relationships, and processes?
  • how can these categories, relationships, and processes be modelled in an objective and predictive way?

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