Assignment to Finance Canada

by kevinmil

From September 1, 2016 to December 31, 2016 I will spend 80 percent of my time working for Finance Canada under an Interchange Agreement.  This is similar to a ‘secondment‘; Finance Canada is paying UBC an amount equal to 80 percent of my regular UBC salary for those four months.

My work during those four months will consist of some special research projects directed by Finance, regular consultations with Finance staff, and meetings of the full panel of experts advising the Finance review of federal tax expenditures.  This work will mostly take place in Vancouver, with some trips to Ottawa.

My UBC work during this time will consist of some continuing administrative duties, advising of graduate students, and other academic activities.

During the course of this agreement, I am contractually committed to refraining from making “through any public medium, either directly or through a third party, any statement critical of Finance Canada or government policies, programs, or officials, or on matters of current political controversy where the statements or actions might create a conflict with the duties of his position or Finance Canada’s and the Government of Canada’s programs and policies.” So, I will be limiting my contact with the public and the media (including my Twitter account) during this period.

I will return to full-time UBC work on January 1st, 2017.