This weeks readings were about the influence the people have over the power, but I have a little story to contradict that just a little bit. I’m not saying that that’s not true, because the people do have the power, but when it’s a matter of race and corruption in politics. An example of this is in Eva “Evita” Perón’s renunciamento as she said her thanks to the people of Argentina while her husband would continue to run for presidency in the next election. The people, however, wouldn’t accept her leaving and demanded that she be included on the ticket with Juan. She tried again and again to decline, but eventually she gave in to her people’s wishes. This could be seen as an example of a politically ambitious move in support for her husband, in which the crowd rallied her to do as they wished for the better of the country. When you add racism in to the equation, you have a different story. “If someone of a minority had to jump six feet, while that of majority had to jump two, that’s how racism works. Obama had to be scholarly, intelligent, president of the Harvard law review, the product of some of our greatest educational institutions, capable of talking to two different worlds. Donald trump had to be rich and white, that’s the difference” (The Daily Show). In this election, Trump’s opponent, Hillary, actually won the popular vote, she won the people. So why the hell is Trump now the president of the United States?! That’s all in the hands of the corrupt aspects of the government, which every country has, and is how the world is currently in danger of being exploded by Trumps big headed bigotry. Thanks, America.