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Week 7 : the export boom as modernity

Modernity is an idea made up and followed mainly by westernized societies. Yet it has become the new normal for many, or it is forced upon them. Since as one world we are all connected, we expect all of us to be at the same headspace which includes how we view modernity. Thus when one is not in the same place as the majority and those in power, it becomes an issue and something that needs to be fixed. Colonizers did this and although we think we are past this, we are not.

It is funny to think that the only reason modernity is considered the norm is because we made it so. That if we had gone in the direction of our indigenous ancestors and made their way of life the “norm” how different our lives would be. That our “advancement” in technology, guns, language, etc, would be considered savage like and unnatural.

Yet modernity has its good and bad, there is no one answer. You cannot have the good without all the bad. Nothing is ever 100% good or bad. However I believe every region should have their own idea of modernity, whether it be taking the westernized view on it and adapting it or completely throwing it out and creating a new concept entirely. When talking about a regions culture, it is never gonna be the same as its neighbours, the same goes for people within each province in Canada, we each have a different culture and ideals. Therefore I do not think we can clump on definition on everyone and expect them to prosper within those guidelines. Latin American is one of those regions. We can all have common interconnecting ideal but different ways of getting to that point of their view of modernity.


further discussion?

1. What do you think our society would look like if indigenous values and views would have been adopted as the norm in society instead of European views?

2. Do you think that Latin American can ever reach the same level of modernity as westernized societies or surpass them? Why or why not?

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