Just as most of my female classmates this week, reading Josefinas article was quite difficult. As her ideas are not quite progressive and leave an unappealing after taste in your throat.  As a more progressive woman in the 21st century, I completely disagree with her. However I do not know what it was really like in her time period and what influenced her ideals. Therefore I can never truly grasp what she is feeling. It was a shock at first, but also interesting to see that side explained from a woman. As I have never encountered a woman who wants to be almost property to a man.

I think this can relate to what Martin Luther King says

“The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.”

When we look at a curve. The curve often starts out quite straight then having a slight angle. then all at once it goes fast and has made a complete curve. Martin Luther kin is referring to this as although now we may be faced with such hardships, in the end all ends in a better outcome. This interconnects with what Josefina believes, as her ideals are not progressive yes but we will get past it. Yes there are people who still believe such ideology but that way of thinking is not sustainable for we will reach that bend at some point. I do not believe in any of our lifetimes will be see justice, nor will our kids. It will occur slowly and we will not see any justice for our present day issues.