Week Thirteen

The last topic of this course is about the current and future of Latin America. In comparison with a few hundreds Latin America has come a long way towards modernity. For instance, the situation of human rights, politics, economy and so on. However, despite these improvements there is still a long way for Latin Americans to go to meet the first world’s standards. Furthermore, nowadays, countries across South America have a very different situation compared to each other and it would be wrong to look at them all at once. During this modern era, each country’s political situation greatly differentiate its potential to improve. For instance, we cannot compare Venezuela with Uruguay due to their great difference in political aspects of the countries. Moreover, regarding the economy of the countries, same phenomena would apply. To be more particular, regarding the management of natural resources, a comparison between Chile and Colombia is simply not possible due to the severe difference in countries approach with these matters. As a result, I believe that nowadays it would be more appropriate to study each country independently rather than judging them all as a whole. I think the destiny of people in each country is upon themselves and they are capable of changing their situations for a better. Countries in South America should not rely on super powers anymore as those countries would only consider their own benefits. It would be very interesting how the situation in South America change over the next few decades.

2 thoughts on “Week Thirteen

  1. FrancesPerry

    Thanks for your post. I definitely agree that it seems the general, recent trend of Latin America is positive progress and that we should look at each country individually. I was happy to see how well many of the democracies are doing and advancing and I hope that this continues to give these nations and their people more agency.

  2. RoySaito

    I also agree that Latin American nations have the potential to become or some already are a powerful nation, as you can see the USA influence decaying in this region. If a country like the US and Canada can become a developed nation, so as the nations in Latin America, where they share a similar history in terms colonization and demographics.


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