Bram Acosta Talk “Mapping La Bestia: Migrancy, Posthegemony, and Primitive Accumulation.” 


Hi everyone, thanks for coming and participating in the Public Talk and Workshop with Professor Abraham Acosta last week. We had a rich and stimulating discussion about important if perhaps under-studied events. We recorded the Public Talk for those who could not make it.

Talk given for the University of British Columbia working group on “Latin America and the Global,” at the Liu Institute for Global Issues. September 14th, 2017.

We apologize that the first minute or two of the talk did not get recorded.

Stay tune for more events this and next term.

Social, Mixer, Meeting, Happening… Friday, Sept. 15th at Koerner’s

Fellow Latin-American Researches!
This is to announce that we will having our first meeting Friday September 15th, 3:00 PM at Koerner’s Pub.
As always bring your questions, dreams, ideas, “iniciativas,” and new friends over. 
Remember this is a welcoming group and we do not discriminate because of origin, academic background, or “malos rollos”
This semester will be packed with events. 
We begin with the visit of Prof. Abraham Acosta from Arizona University. His talk is a very relevant examination of current biopolitical condition and possibility of life and movement in Central America across Mexico. 
Title: “La Bestia: Migrancy, Posthegemony, and Primitive Accumulation in Contemporary Times.”
He will be giving a Public Talk Thursday 14th and a Workshop on Friday the 15th both in September. Both events at noon and taking place in the Liu Institute Boardroom.
(You are the first ones to know before I send out an official flyer)     
So, enjoy the last week off and see you Friday or before at the Talk or Conference.
Don’t hesitate to get in touch.