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Note: While I am serving as Associate Dean, I will be less able to serve on graduate committees and will not be taking on any new supervisions.  Note too that I am not responsible for admitting students into our graduate program.  For admission to the MA and PhD programs at UBC, you apply to the university and the department rather than to the individual although you can mention specific people in your application.

UBC Convocation 2014, with members of English 490

Details on the program can be found here: http://english.ubc.ca/graduate/m-a-degree-requirements-2/

Details on how to apply can be found here: http://english.ubc.ca/graduate/ 


My work in Canadian and postcolonial literatures is fundamentally interdisciplinary, bridging historical periods, literary genres, and national boundaries. As a result, I have been able to supervise and serve on the committees of Honours students, MA, and PhD students working on topics as distinct as: anti-apartheid and post-apartheid writing; Yoruban Missionary translations; Australian fiction; Asian North American writing; Indigenous literary history; Cree epistemologies; the Newfoundland diaspora; blogs; multimodal art; Canadian war art; rhetoric of health; Anglo-Indian Romance novels and the Raj revival; South Asian Canadian writing; South Asian partition narratives; the archives of J.M. Coetzee, Ryerson Press, and the Vancouver Poetry Society (separately); Haitian fiction; nineteenth-century Canadian environmental writing; Canadian modernism; American modernism; Danish postcolonialism; Mennonite writing; Canadian Englishes, and other topics.

Graduate and Honours Students Supervised and Committees (*indicates current)

Joey Takada

Andrew French

*Sara Press

MA: Winnifred Eaton digital edition (Committee)

MA: Memorial Tributes to Al Purdy (Co-supervisor)

PhD: World Literature and Rhetoric (Supervisor, 2016- )

*Sharon Engbrecht PhD:  Canadian Literature and Love (Committee, 2017)
 *Deena Dinat

* Bronwen Malloy

PhD: South African Post-apartheid Lit (Supervisor, 2014-  )

PhD: Canadian Songwriters (Committee, 2017- )

Zehra Naqvi, Gabrielle Ricci, Sunmi Park, Yi Le Lu, Michael Prior, Serenity Yu, Daniel Van Wyk, Aisha Haque, Ben Wagler, Deanna Borren,  Kate Brindley.  

499: Graduating Honours Theses (Supervisor) and Astu 400: Student Led Seminars (Supervisor)

Lucia Lorenzi PhD: Canadian Literature and Rape Narratives (Committee, joined 2014-16 )
*Karen Correia Da Silva PhD: Western Front, Multimodal Art, and Literature (Committee, joined 2014- )
Erin Ramlo MA: “Clusters of Voices: Literary Social Activism in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, 2000-2010” (Supervisor, 2012-2014)
Christina Turner MA: “J.M. Coetzee’s Intertextual Praxis: Reading Text, Intertext and the Archive in Life and Times of Michael K and Foe.” (Supervisor, 2012-13)
Gillian Dunks MA: “Reading the Field of Canadian Poetry in the Era of Modernity: The Ryerson Poetry Chap-book Series, 1925-1962” (Co-supervisor, 2012-13)
Alicia Fahey PhD: “Canadian War Art” (Committee, 2012-2017 )
Brendan McCormack PhD English: Multiculturalism and Canadian Literature” (Supervisor, 2012-2020 )
 Charity Matthews PhD English-Canadian Literature: “Women Writers and the Study of Natural History in Nineteenth Century Canada.”  (Supervisor, 2008-2013)
Genevieve Gagne-Hawes PhD English: British and South Asian LiteratureDiss: “Shadows of the Raj: Anglo-Indian Visions of Empire, the Raj Revival, and the Literary Crafting of National Character.” (Supervisor, 2007-2012)
Monica Brown PhD English: Public Health Rhetoric/ Globalization (Committee) Diss:  (Committee, 2008 – 2018 )
Sunny Chan MA: “Cyberspace, narrative, and Poetics in Asian North American Literature” (Co-supervisor with C. Lee, defended 2012)
Grant Hurley MA: “The Lyric West: Reading the Vancouver Poetry Society 1916-1964”  (2011 Thesis supervisor with P. Badir, defended 2012)
Maia Joseph PhD English: Canadian Urban WritingDiss: “Urban Change and the Literary Imaginary in Vancouver, 1986-2010.” (Committee)
Paul Watkins MA: Canadian Literature: “Voice in Text: Translating Orality in Robert Bringhurst’s A Story as Sharp as a Knife, Harry Robinson’s Write It On Your Heart, and War Party’s The Reign.” (Thesis Committee, defended 2010)
James Phelan MA American Literature:  “Philip Roth”  (Thesis Committee, defended 2010)
Kathryn Grafton PhD English:  “Paying Attention to Public Readers of Canadian Literature: Popular Genre Systems, Publics, and Canons” (Supervisor, defended 2010)
Stephen Ney PhD English: Nigerian Literature and Christianity Diss: “Ancestor, Book, Church: How Nigerian Literature Responds to Missionary Christianity” (Committee, Defended 2010)

Christine Lyons

PhD English: Canadian Literature (Supervisor, withdrew 2010)
Julie Okot Bitek MA: Edwidge Danticat  (Thesis Committee, defended 2009)
Amanda Rheume MA: “Embodying History: The Memoirs of Canadian Female Political Trailblazers” (Thesis Committee, defended 2009)
Jennifer Delisle PhD English: Diasporic and Canadian LiteraturesDiss: “Newfoundland Diaspora.” (Supervisor, defended May 2008).
Mark Deegan PhD English: Modernism and the Sublime (Pro tem committee to 2008)
Mossarap Khan PhD English: South Asian Literature post-Rushdie (Supervisor, withdrew 2008)
Carolye Kutcha MA: Canadian Love Stories (Committee, defended 2008)
Travis Mason PhD English: “Ornithology Of Desire: Birding in the Ecotone and the Poetry of Don McKay” (Committee, defended 2007)
Deanna Reder PhD English – Diss: “Acimisowin as Theoretical Practice: Autobiography as Indigenous Intellectual Tradition In Canada” (Committee, defended 2007)
Sofie Cold-Ravnkilde MA: “Northern Voices Telling Histories of Danish (Post) Colonialism” (Supervisor, defended 2004)
Duffy Roberts MA: “Naming Canadian Literature” (Supervisor, defended 2004)
Terri Tomsky PhD English: South Asian-Partition Narratives  (Pro tem committee to 2005)
Michelle LaFlamme PhD English: Writing Mixed Race in Canada. (Pro tem committee to 2004)
Lisa Muirhead U of Manitoba: MA English- South Asian Partition Narratives (2002, Thesis Supervisor)
Amy Kroeker U of Manitoba: MA English- Mennonite Canadian Literature (2001, Thesis Supervisor)


Since 1998, I have taught classes on Canadian Studies, Multicultural Canadian Literature, Canadian Literature to 1967, Canadian Literature after 1967, World Literatures Written in English, English (1798-2000), Genre, Canadian Literature, Postcolonial Studies, African, South African, South Asian, Australian, and Caribbean Literatures.