Course Overview

English 301 of technical writing is a course designed for students who wish to acquire practical, useful skills that will help improve their writing in business and professional contexts. Students will be encouraged to develop these skills through having to write proposals, applications, reports, correspondence and online communications such as emails, texts, and networking. In addition, despite this being a self-motivated, online course, there will be a collaborative nature to some of the assignments as students will have the opportunity to get to know their peers as well as understand the importance of working with others. Students will also be expected to set up a personal portfolio, which will require some self-reflection, and will be shown the technical aspects of designing one professionally. With that being said, one of the main objectives of this course is that students will be able to take what they have learned and make use of it in their real lives.

In regard to the course breakdown, the term will be split into four units: 

  1. Principles, Practices and People in English 301
  2. Designing a Report Proposal; Defining Terms with Audience in Mind
  3. Designing a Report Outline & Draft; Building your Resume and Job Application skills
  4. Drafting the Formal Report; Peer Review and Final Report; developing networking strategies

My personal expectation for this course is that we will be taught current and relevant skills that is up to date with new media, breaking free from traditional or outdated practices.