What are the benefits of using small claims court in Toronto?

The simple process of filing a case in small claims court in Toronto is designed to provide inexpensive, speedy and simple resolution to small type of claims. The small claims court can provide a great reduction of time, stress and also money you spent on dispute. Simple rules in small claims court can move the trial procedure forward to convenient results. Trials heard in small claims court are less formal and a magistrate or judge decides about the cases. A paralegal can give you a realistic assessment of the expense and length of the process in small claims court and also it is possible for a paralegal to provide you some specific services aimed at preparing to argue the matter yourself. Filing a case in small claims court means cheaper bills for you, less involvement of a paralegal and a quick resolution of your dispute. Before filing a case against someone in small claims court, knowing about the process which includes various procedures, rules and forms can be necessary and also it can help you to navigate your claim successfully when you receive a summons to appear in a small claims court. The Rules of the Small Claims Court are numbered so that you can follow them easily. Consult a paralegal Toronto for earning more information.

Small claims court is designed to provide a simple resolution to claims which cost under $25, 000. In order to sue for an amount higher than $25, 000, you should file a case in the Superior Court of Justice. The type of small claims court for filing a case can be different, depending on the amount of money you are claiming. There are different limits in different states. Small Claims Track for claims under $5,000, Fast Track For claims between $5,000 and $15,000 and Multi Track for claims over $15,000.Knowing about the type of claims you can sue for in small claims court in necessary.

It is possible for you to file a case involving money owed under a variety of agreements, including unpaid rent, unpaid accounts for goods or services, and loans in small claims court and ask the court to provide speedy resolution for you, but they are not the only types of cases you can file in small claims court.

Damages either property damage or personal injuries can be claimed. You cannot use small claims court to file a case for a name change, bankruptcy, and divorce or to ask for emergency relief. Keep in mind that the Small Claims Court does not hear claims against the federal government or even against a federal employee .You should file this type of cases in federal court.