Oct 2 Wednesday Night Dinner Menu

Featuring a Mediterranean-themed dinner:

1. Entree: Chicken Shawarma (or Portobello) Pitta Wrap
2. Salad: Parsley Tabbouleh
3. Side dish: Zucchini fritter
4. Dessert: Roz Bel Laban

What are Wednesday Night Dinners (WND)?

What : The LFS Undergraduate Society’s well known nutritious and deliciously themed dinner featuring the produce grown from the local orchard garden.
When: Every Wednesday at 5 pm (unless specified)
Where: Agora space (H.R. MacMillan bldg.)
Why: …Why not? It’s an affordable and delicious dinner that will build a sense of community within the faculty of LFS. It’s a great way to meet other fellow LFS’ers!

Volunteer for the Wednesday Night Dinners:

The Special Events Coordinators are recruiting volunteers to help organize the dinners! Volunteer duties include preparing, cooking and serving food, cleaning dishes and utensils, and building the LFS community. For more information, please contact LFSUS.president@landfood.ubc.ca.

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