Groundswell Community Open House – Apr 28 & May 19, 2014

Young people are frustrated but overwhelmingly not apathetic. We know that many young people are excited, motivated and animated by the possibility of running their own projects.

So Groundswell is supporting and challenging participants to do something. We are working with people under 35 to build social enterprises, co-ops and non-profits through an eight-month community program.
Our training network is based in Vancouver, BC, and connected to global efforts to build a more democratic economy. 

We’re looking a wide diversity of people who will work together well in a committed and convivial atmosphere to start a community of alternatives to business.

We have open houses coming up on:

April 28th 6pm

May 19th 6pm
….in our cafe space at 566 Powell Street

For more information about this group, check out their website at

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