Good Food Jobs Gastrognome Photo Challenge

Good Food Jobs has created an Instagram contest as a way to spread the word about the Good Food Jobs community. They have created some ‘gastrognomes’ that are looking for food related adventures and can help highlight some of the work that you do. Their aim is to find meaningful connections in the sustainable food movement and hope that our faculty can help contribute to reviving a more sound and enjoyable food culture.

Here’s how it works:


Due to overwhelming demand for their hand drawn / stuffed / sewn gnomes (of which there are a few roaming the world as we speak), they’ve created a downloadable version (click here)


The gnomes are curious about what you do. Take the gnome to work with you and show them (and therefore the world) what you do. They are eager to be involved – such as participating in a harvest, going to market, attending events, etc.


Be sure to 1) Geotag where you are so that folks know where the gnomes have traveled, 2) Tag @goodfoodjobs on the image, and 3) Use the hashtag #gogastrognomes (be careful to spell it WITH the gnome word pun in there).

Good Food Jobs’ hope is that through this process we can show people about many more aspects of food culture than solely eating at restaurants. Help us show others what opportunities are out there, and how more people are helping share good food with others.

To see the latest on where the gnomes have been (and to get ideas about contest entries for you to top) head to

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