International Service Learning opportunities in Costa Rica – Summer 2015!

Looking for a way to get some experience and learn how to apply your academic discipline beyond the classroom?

International Service Learning is an opportunity which can help you do just that!

Final Application Deadline: MARCH 1, 2015


Below are programs being offered for Summer 2015 in Costa Rica! Check out all of the programs and apply at


Natural Areas Management Planning is a three-month opportunity to better understand how stakeholders and variables interact with natural areas management planning, gain a fuller sense of the strategies available in species conservation, implement critical thinking, communication, teamwork and leadership skills while gaining experience in creating a land-use management plan.

Environmental Education and Community-based Natural Resource Management is a three-month opportunity to further understand the role that education plays in conservation and community-based natural resource management and to deepen your understanding of the connections between communities, organizations, conservation and natural resource management in addition to understanding why there are species at risk and necessary strategies for their protection. You will work to develop an integrated environmental education program in collaboration with a local school.


International Service Learning Award – The ISL Award for Summer programs valued at $1,500.  All accepted participants will be assessed for eligibility.

Applications are currently being accepting on a rolling basis until March 1, 2015.  Interested applicants are encouraged to apply.

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